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Competitive Advantages

There are many competitive advantages in locating and expanding within the Cape Girardeau region, with special attention to three distinctive advantages: 

Diversified Regional Economy

Manufacturing, healthcare, retail, service and government centers are represented within close proximity. This area experiences a consistent steady growth within many sectors of the regional economy. An emerging sector for our region is the desire by many in the business community to own and manage their own businesses; as well as entrepreneurs who wish to take their ideas and bring them to market.

Strategic Location

The Cape Girardeau Region offers a competitive and complete range of transportation services. This coupled with the areas central location in the United States makes this region one of the nation’s most cost effective places for sending and receiving goods:

For complete breakdown of the transportation system click here.

A Region Built by Business

The business community within the region is dedicated to their business success, interconnected to overcome business challenges collectively and willing to provide additional opportunities for their business neighbors.

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