About Cape Girardeau Area Magnet

Our mission is to foster a strong economic environment resulting in the retention, expansion, creation, and attraction of jobs and new investment in the area. The MAGNET serves as the lead contact for the area’s economic development efforts. The organization was established in 1992 as a 501(c)3 not for profit organization.

Cape Girardeau Area MAGNET receives its leadership and financial support from the area’s governmental entities, which include the County of Cape Girardeau and the cities of Cape Girardeau, Jackson, and Scott City, Missouri. Additional investors include the Cape Girardeau Area Chamber of Commerce and several large employers. MAGNET is led by a twelve member Board of Directors which sets the direction and priorities for the organization.

Cape Girardeau Area MAGNET is an organization that takes the time to understand your specific needs for business development and expansion. We know that your project is unique, and you can count on our knowledge to help lead you to a smart decision.

This area is well-positioned for your success

The Cape Girardeau region has long been an area of vibrant commerce and abundance, with significant roots in agriculture and trading posts which produced generations of people full of pride and a determination to put in a hard day’s work. This regional economy enjoys many diverse industry sectors, each thriving and enjoying the fruits of their labor. The Cape Girardeau region has significant reach for its consumers and a labor force encompassing a 40-mile radius.

Your business development project can be a part of this vibrant regional economy

While many areas claim a centralized location, the Cape Girardeau region boasts that your success is central to our team at MAGNET. The physical location of your business is central in the United States and your business growth strategy is central to the employees, suppliers and consumers of southeast Missouri, southern Illinois and western Kentucky. Cape Girardeau Area MAGNET strives daily to retain and recruit companies that want to expand and diversify their business models.

Envision your new investment in a business friendly environment, a selection of many communities (countryside to neighborhoods) that you can call home, and a place for your leaders and employees to have an abundance of social, spiritual, cultural, and recreational opportunities to enjoy life to its fullest.

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