Our unique area truly provides you with choices when it comes to housing. From downtown lofts to million dollar homes, the Cape Girardeau area has a vast array of options.

The resurgence of downtown revitalization has created a wonderful platform for upscale townhomes within walking distance of boutiques and shops downtown. As generational agriculture has given way to more industrialized and technology-based business, many acres have opened for newer developments, creating a housing market rich with options, from smaller first family homes to larger suburban builds through luxury golf course living.

Part of the attractiveness of living in this area comes from the ease of travel. Most work commutes are not topics of day-to-day conversation as they are in larger cities, thanks to good infrastructure and ample roadways. Whether you choose a more rural setting or plug in downtown for your home, you’re sure to find a place that fits you and your needs.

Additionally, living in this area will not break your budget. This area’s cost of living is one of the top reasons for developing in the Cape Girardeau area, falling in approximately 27% lower than the national average. As of the start of 2019, the mean sales price of homes in Cape Girardeau County was $137,400.

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