The Cape Girardeau Area MAGNET and its team of partners are ready to assist with your project development by identifying available financing, incentives and programs that may aid your business both at a local and state level.

We have a proven track record in assisting new and expanding businesses with:

  • Tax credits for job creation
  • Tax incentives for investment and job creation in targeted areas
  • Customized training grants
  • Infrastructure grants
  • Bonding and other local incentives available for land acquisition, constructions, machinery, equipment, and working capital
  • Seeking gap financing for projects

State Incentive Programs

Missouri makes sense for your business, from start up to global corporation. Low tax rates, development incentives and business-friendly regulations create a climate ripe for success. LEARN MORE

Property Tax Abatement Programs

The Cape Girardeau area was designated as an Enhanced Enterprise Zone in 2011, and this opens up some great opportunities for tax credits and further incentives. If your business is interested in locating in our EEZ, contact us directly for more information.

Missouri Works Program

The Missouri Works Program provides significant benefits for new and existing companies that are creating and retaining jobs in Missouri. Benefits may be the retention of State withholding tax and/or State tax credits, if the benefit percentage is greater than the amount of withholdings that otherwise would have been remitted to the State for the new job creation. LEARN MORE


To help companies embark on major investment and job creation expansions, this program provides funding to reduce necessary infrastructure and equipment expenses through the form of bonds. LEARN MORE

These are just a couple of the programs that Missouri offers to entice you to make the smart decision to invest in our state. Learn more about financing and available incentives in the state of Missouri here.